Canna Design Experts

Meet the Design Experts
Humberto Areas and Cleveland Cook joined creative forces in early September of 2007. By the start of January 2008, they had a company name, logo, internet and were ready to take on the advertising and branding world storm. Can I Have Your Attention, LLC was born and ready to take clients, their products and services, to the next level. These two creative minds possess over 20 years of combined experience across a wide range of mediums.

So after being in business for over ten years, why cannabis advertising and marketing? Well, why not? Humberto and Cleveland have an edge over other creative agencies. For the past eight years, they have worked for some of the best premium cigar manufacturers in the industry. It began in 2010 with Torano Family Cigars, and has continued with Aganorsa Leaf Cigars, Fratello Cigars, Casa Cuevas Cigars, Southern Draw Cigars and Villiger Cigars to name a few.

Humberto and Cleveland are all about creating riveting cannabis brands, cannabis packaging design, cannabis marketing and cannabis related websites. They truly believe in less is more, and letting the product speak for itself. They believe in working smart and hard, playing nice, and ultimately making their clients look good.

With each new client, they go into a project together and come out with something better than either of them could have imagined. This is where they excel, working side-by-side with their clients to bridge the gap between creativity and strategic business outcomes in this new and exciting marketplace.

An Art Director and designer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design. He has an expert approach to design and is great at attention-to-detail. Humberto is proficient in packaging, branding, post production and web development.

A Creative and Art Director who really knows the east coast: just ask the clients he’s worked with in NYC, Atlanta and Miami. Cleveland has a great eye for design, a breezy, positive attitude and an immaculate home. He loves good design, white space, and short copy.

January 26, 2019