Royal Rolls – A Luxury Brand

How much for that naked cannagar?
The days of selling, promoting and distributing naked cannagars is over. As more states make recreational marihuana legal, the cannabis cigar (cannagar) market is booming, and so is the competition to stand out.

Above is logo created for Royal Rolls, along with finished gold foil, embossed band that wraps around product.
Images courtesy of Royal Rolls –

Our good friends at Royal Rolls reached out in need of a logo design, bands to wrap around their cannagars and custom tags for their line of products. The guys needed an identity that was attractive and simple. An icon that was versatile for future growth in marketing materials.

We at Canna Design Service bring years of experience in designing for premium hand made cigar manufactures. We have created many brands from the ground up. Our focus is on identity, packaging and overall presentation.

Above images illustrate cannagars with gold foil bands inside clear tube packaging.
Images courtesy of Royal Rolls –

As consumers, we tend to lean towards brand names, and end up buying products based on the perceived quality and/or desirability. This is exactly what an effective logo and packaging transmit.

We are experts in executing all of the above mentioned. So are you and you cannabis products putting your best foot forward? Give us a call today and lets collaborate on something great.

Give us a shout 305-538-5057

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